Author: Hannah Leigh

As a person with a chronic illness that often flares up due to stress, CBD is something that I like to use to reduce anxiety and to give me a general feeling of calm.
I have been using the full spectrum 500mg HOOH CBD oil for the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, I am impressed. My first impression when the CBD arrived was that I loved the slick looking bottle and the design of the label. HOOH CBD bottles also have a child-proof cap which I think is a great idea. The pipette is easy to use, and I can easily see how much CBD I am taking and administer it drop by drop.


One big thing for me is the taste of the CBD oil. Now let’s be real, CBD is never going to taste ‘nice’, but compared to other brands that I have tried, HOOH CBD has a much more subtle taste.  If you consider that I am someone who has gone as far as taking their CBD in suppository form in order to avoid its taste, trust me when I say that the taste of HOOH CBD really isn’t so bad at all! My trick to avoiding the taste of the CBD  when taking it sublingually (under the tongue), is to hold your nose while the oil is in your mouth for a couple of minutes, and then immediately rinse it down with a strong drink of squash. I find that this trick does work, however other CBD brands still often have a strong aftertaste, something that I have not noticed when using HOOH CBD.

Over the past few weeks I really believe that this CBD oil has calmed my nerves and anxiety. 2020 has been a particularly stressful time for me, and having something on-hand that I can easily take in order to help me feel more chilled out has been a God-send.

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